Dance Workshop – Inside Out / Saturday, 03.03.2018

Inside Out – Exploring Dance Stimuli.
The Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to listen and respond to various stimuli in order to explore the movement offered during the class. We will start with exercises designed to reach inside ourselves and to consciously inhabit our body. We will slowly open up and experiment with various dance stimuli such as touch, scent, sound… We move alone or with a partner – from the inside or the outside. We will use the same stimuli to perform a choreographic sequence towards the end of the class.
Maïté Margue
…is a Luxembourgish dance teacher. She trained two years at Northern Ballet School in Manchester, where she studied a variety of dance styles focussing on classical ballet. Moving to Paris in 2014, Maïté started to focus on contemporary dance with Stéphanie Porcel and Nathalie Pubellier at the Studio Harmonic. After graduating from Université Paris 8 with a Bachelor of Arts in ‘Performing Arts – Dance’ in 2016, she decided to pursue her studies with the MA Professional Practice in ‘Dance Technique Pedagogy’ (distance-learning) at the Middlesex University (UK). At the same time, she joined Cie Pelmelo Junior in Paris. In 2016, Maïté started teaching in Luxembourg.


For whome? No previous dance experience required.

When: Saturday, March 3 2018 / from 16:30-18:30

Costs: € 50.- / reduced rate for students: €45.-

Where: Body Power and Posture studio, 19 Rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach

Registration: To sign up or receive further information call or email Victoria Janisch (BPP-Studio)

+352 621 887 066 /  info@bodypowerandposture.com.

Photos: Sophie Margue