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Online or In-Person Training? Choose which options fit you better, whether it’s a private class, corporate training, or tailored workshops (e.g. Office Fit – Better Posture at Work)!

Group Training

Individual coaching and quality movement are at the heart of my training. To ensure this, the groups are limited to 10 participants.

CANTIENICA® body in evolution provides you with strength from your core! In my classes I incorporate my experience from my background as a dancer (professional dance diploma), and exercises for the nervous system. Licensed for CANTIENICA® Level 4 Platinum (Powerprogramme, Pelvic Floor Training, Back Training, Faceforming, Go, Better Vision).


Benefit from the advantages of a personal training:
  • Reach your personal goals
  • Define your specific needs and get an individualized training program
  • Get an analysis of possible malpositions and guidance to adapt a good posture
  • Choose time, duration and place of the training


You want to offer your employees a class at your company because their health and well-being is important to you?

Apart from positioning yourself as a socially responsible employer, this is an active contribution to foster team spirit and prevent absences because of sickness or burnout. This, too, is beneficial for your company.


Among corporate clients: European Parliament / European Court of Auditors / Administration des Bâtiments Publics / Jim Clemes Associates / Millicom International Cellular SA

Further advantages of the in-house training at your business or venue


Analysis of the physical demands the job requires (sitting or standing for long periods of time, carrying heavy goods, bending down frequently) and conception of a training that responds to these requirements


Training can be adapted to the given spatial conditions (No complex training equipment, fitness room or sanitary facilities required)


Equipment, such as balls or matts, are provided by the instructor

Treat your loved ones or someone you just appreciate very much to a private CANTIENICA® session, a group class or a 10 classes package…


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Custom Offers

Looking for something in particular, or want to get a special offer for private or business coaching?

Contact me to receive an offer!