CANTIENICA®-Faceforming Workshop on 31 January 2016!

CANTIENICA®-Faceforming Workshop on 31 January 2016!

3 hours of CANTIENICA®-Faceforming exercises to:

• Activate and interconnect the muscles of head, face and neck

• Rejuvenate your silhouette

• Even out wrinkles

CANTIENICA®-Faceforming is not only a natural face lift but also helps when you struggle with grinding of teeth, arthritis in jaw joints, double chin, migraine, tension headache, wry neck, tinnitus, snoring etc.

When: Sunday, 31 January 2016 9.30-12.30 a.m.

Costs: € 95.-

Where: at the LUXCHIRO studio, 239 Val des Bons-Malades, L-2121 Luxembourg

To sign up or receive further information call +352 621 887 066 or write an email to info@bodypowerandposture.com. If you haven’t attended a CANTIENICA training before, just let me know so we can schedule an introduction class prior to the workshop.